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Restoration Galerie | Restoring the Drive

    We want to be moved.  We want to feel alive.  At the core of us all is a desire to triumph. A place in our hearts were risks are accepted for the chance at glory.  When theories were tested on the pavement, not in a lab.  Where emotion substitutes for fuel and passion keeps our foot firmly planted on the pedal.  Thin metal, thick skin.  Generations have come and gone but a common need to feel the rush, the bond of man and machine has stood the test of time.

“Legends are never told of those that played it safe.”

    Follow the journeys of automotive history’s rare and legendary vehicles as their story continues at the hands of the worlds most skilled craftsmen. Experience the Journey through lovingly devoted digital curation.  From documenting the restoration process, to walking the grounds of historic race tracks, Restoration Galerie is telling the story of automotive culture.

Witness history reborn.  Restoration Galerie is Restoring the Drive!

restoration galerie founders ian miller and daniel smith by a lamborghini miura

Ian Miller | Lead Photographer, Co Founder

 Daniel A. Smith | Client Relations, Co Founder

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