Barn Find Sunbeam Tiger For Sale

Sunbeam Tiger For Sale 1965 barn find 260 ford v8 rare classic car great condition

Barn Find Sunbeam Tiger For Sale

1965 Sunbeam Tiger For Sale

1965 Sunbeam Tiger Mk1 260 V8

Price:  $59,000.00

VIN: B9471741

Color:  Carnival Red / Black

Engine: Ford 260 V8 – Registered Original Engine

Transmission:  Ford T-170 4 Speed Manual Registered Original

Production Numbers:  1965 – 3,020

Location: Dallas


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1965 Sunbeam Tiger ford v8 rear quarter hard top Carnival Red rare classic car for sale

The Rare British Muscle Car

Its rare to find a car that is over 50 years old in the condition this Sunbeam Tiger is.  At first glance you would not believe this was a barn find.  The body is straight and dent free with minimal rust if any.  The interior is worn and needs some restoration, as to be expected after 50 years.  This lightweight British sports car starts right up and drives great.  The Ford V8 still pulls strong and is certain to put a smile on your face!  Aside from the excellent driving experience, this Sunbeam Tiger for sale is original and Registered in the Roote’s Sunbeam Tiger database with the original engine and transmission.  Making this car an excellent restoration candidate as top restored and concours level restoration examples are going for over $100,000.  As time goes on, it will only increase in value more.

sunbeam tiger convertible top red rear ford v8 classic car

History of the Sunbeam Tiger

Light British sports car, powerful American muscle, and refinement made the Tiger all things to all people.  Sunbeam Tiger advertising (reading well for the era) toted that it was, “Versatile! Drag it. Race it. Swing with it.”  We wont comment on the last portion but the car does the first two things very well.  The car was actually a collaboration with Carrol Shelby and the first prototype race car was built by the legend himself.  After more work, the first Sunbeam Tiger competed in the SCCA Divisional race at Tuscon in April 1964.  The launch of the street version of the Sunbeam Tiger coincided with the race debut.  The Tiger was light, small and powerful which ended up making it a little hard to handle on the race track due to over steer.  The Tiger sold in very low numbers and after 3 years of production, the Rootes Group was purchased by Chrysler.  Chrysler would not sell a car with a Ford engine so the Tiger died with the ownership change.

interior sunbeam tiger for sale 1965 barn find red on black

ford v8 in 1965 sunbeam tiger for sale classic car registered original

seats for sunbeam tiger for sale rootes auto group classic car


Body:  Excellent original condition.  Little rust if any.  Small paint spidering (pictured) and a few minor paint blemishes around top components.  Very straight and correct.  Paint could be refreshed and stay original or restored and completely repainted if desired.  Trunk and engine bay have virtually no rust or holes, paint looks very good.  Underside has no rust holes and looks to be in good condition.

Engine:  Original 260 V8.  Starts right up and idles smoothly.  Has been maintained.  Pulls strong and is a joy to drive.

Transmission:  Clutch and gears all engage well, no syncro issues.  Clutch recently replaced.  Smooth operation no visible leaks.

Convertible Top:  Hard top is in same condition as the body which is very good.  Convertible soft top (original) needs replacing and mechanics needs restoring or replacement.

Interior:  Interior is functional as is and shows its age but it is good shape considering.  Has an “original patina” appeal to it.  Could be enjoyed and vehicle kept original or restored easily.

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Terms and Conditions

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