Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari Formula 1

race car F2000 Michael Schumacher's Ferrari Formula 1 rear view V10 F2000 championship car

Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari Formula 1

ferrari formula 1 for sale Michael Schumacher F2000 formula one car chassis 198 red

It’s Thursday. I’ve been sitting in a dark room listening to the rain doing its jig on the metal roof overhead for nearly an hour. The wooden barstool i’ve been balancing my sleep deprived self on is starting to take its toll and I’m losing feeling in my left leg. I should have gotten donuts.  I glance back over my right shoulder at the storyboard taped to the wall, and I start feeling queasy again. Is this really happening?  There are 7 crucial shots planned but I know that is not where we’re stopping. I started my morning on my knees taping massive pieces of black seamless paper to the studio floor.  No rips, no wrinkles, my second grade teacher would be damn proud. With that kind of effort and dedication, I knew it was going to be a good day.  I hear the all to familiar sound of an almost empty can hitting the table top and see the blue glowing outline of Ian leaned over his laptop.  Is he ready? You’re damn right he is.  My phone vibrates and I almost fall off the stool. It’s the driver, it’s going to be another hour.

3 weeks ago we got a call from a good friend saying he had a special project and that he had dropped our name in the hat. He said it was something we would definitely be interested in and that it was historically significant. Immediately, he had my attention. This isn’t the guy that gets too excited anymore when talking about cars so if he lights up like a candle just teasing a car, you want to be on the short list. Our jaws hit ground and stayed there when he finally spilled the beans. He casually ended with, “Oh, and it’s for sale.”

Bang, bang, bang! The oversized garage door echoed and shook everything in the studio and almost claimed my clean undershorts. I am officially off of the barstool. We quickly raised the door while passing nervous glances to each other like we were about to step out onto the moon. A gray haired man unaffected by the rain falling on his face looked at me and slowly stretched his arm forward, “Don’t lose this, it’s, uh, kind of expensive.” In the palm of my hand was a small L shaped wrench tool that I would later find out costs more than my first car. Fantastic. “Scoot back, I’m just going to back the trailer up into the studio. I don’t think this should be unloaded in the rain.”

I turned back to look into the empty studio and Ian was already positioning lights and moving a ladder.  The beeping is growing ever so louder and I figure I should move my giddy faced self out of the door way. It’s actually here. Emails, texts, and phone calls have been nonstop for weeks and now here we are. The trailer door drops down and I am almost to nervous to look in. Its dark but I can make out the brown car cover that is loosely hugging the reason I didn’t sleep last night. The driver steps out the side door of the trailer with the front nose cone in his hands and I swear he grew angel wings right then and there. A few more steps and then he placed it at my feet. “Still have that tool I gave you?”

That red was the most beautiful red I have ever seen in my life. Sprinkled with decals here and there and topped off with the iconic shell emblem, my eyes bounced around the carbon fiber aero until they landed on the most regal looking number 3 I think I will ever see. Holy crap, it’s really his car. The Ave Maria that has just started playing in my head is cut short thanks to a couple of light hearted laughs and a shout out of the dark trailer asking if he even needed to unload the car. I have absolutely no poker face apparently. Walking up into the trailer I quickly realized I wasn’t ready. The cover had been removed and my heart was set on fire. I remember really getting the love affair of F1 during this car’s season thanks to a dear friend of mine. I had never seen a machine so bent on speed or heard an engine so pissed in my entire life. Here I am standing in a damp open garage looking at a car that I had seen run the race of its life on television. A car that reestablished a companies triumphant competitive return to the F1 world. Piloted by a man who asserted his dominance in the automotive universe winning his third world title in this, the car at my very not worthy, and trembling knees.

Ladies and gentlemen, Restoration Galerie is honored to present to you Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F1-F2000 Chassis 198. This historic race car and incredible investment opportunity is offered for sale.  If you have the ability, please, listen to the resounding encouragement of everything within us saying BUY THIS CAR!  And then contact us, we would not mind photographing it again.  Seriously, I am having withdrawals.


ferrari formula 1 F2000 michael schumacher far quarter v10 era F1 race cars

red michael schumacher's ferrari formula 1 race car front view marlboro shell bbs wheels F200 chassis 198 studio automotive photography


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The Car:

Ferrari Formula 1 F2000 Chassis 198

History:  The F2000, with Michael Schumacher at the wheel, ushered in the return of Ferrari’s dominance to Formula 1.  This specific chassis, the 198, was a back up car that was raced in three races.  In qualifying, Schumacher damaged the lead car and entered the Brazilian Grand Prix in the 198 car.  He took the checkered flag in that race.  The 198 was also raced in the Spanish Grand Prix and at the famed Monaco Grand Prix.

Midway through the season, Schumacher had a lead of 22 points, but after a series of non-finishes, by the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa he was tailing Häkkinen by six points. The fight back was about to begin. Schumacher won at Monza and yet again at Indianapolis. Victory at Suzuka in the Japanese Grand Prix meant that Ferrari and Michael Schumacher had clinched the World Championship; after 21 seasons and more than 340 races, Ferrari was back on top and the start of its domination of Formula One was about the begin. Schumacher had taken nine victories in 2000 and three further podiums.

Chassis 198 was then rebuild and was critical in the growth of the F1 Clienti events.  This vehicle is still ready and used for these F1 Clienti Events.


Driver:  Michael Schumacher

V-10 Ferrari 770 hp

Races: Brazilian Grand Prix 1st Place

Spanish Grand Prix

Monoco Grand Prix

Investment:  Ferrari’s historically do very well at auction and are great blue chip investment pieces.  Add the incredible history and pedigree of this vehicle and it is sure to perform not only on the track but as a valuable investment.

Value: Inquire Below



ferrari v10 f1 engine

ferrari f1 F2000 rear marlboro v10 iconic race car

ferrari formula 1 side profile f2000 michael schumacher



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