Ferrari 250 California Spider Replica

ferrari 250 california spider replica red convertible 1962

1962 Ferrari 250 California Spider Replica

Ferrari 250 California Spider.  Few names evoke such emotion and awe as Ferrari California.  This rare and beautiful car with such pedigree has become highly desirable.  Only around 55 original Ferrari 250 California SWB Spiders were built.  Currently, 1961 Ferrari 250 California’s are bringing from $10-20 million at auction. Chances are, us mere mortals will never have the chance to own one.

That is where this story comes in.  I think in a lot of ways, replica’s have gotten a bad rap.  Yes, its not an original Ferrari and yes you do have to explain it to people.  But are you buying a car based on what people think or for your own driving pleasure and enjoyment?  And that is where this replica shines.  It brings you the experience of driving a iconic vehicle with the top down.  It has the looks, in fact it was so good that Ferrari sued the company making it.  The details truly are there and no one can deny that those lines create one of the most incredibly beautiful cars ever to grace the pavement.

When photographing a car, I really get to know it and learn every curve and detail.  With this, I just could not stop clicking the shutter.  I had to explore every angle.  Probably one of my favorite elements is the hood scoop.  It was an iconic styling during that era and I love how it ads a flair of performance and muscle to an elegant flowing body shape.

But does it provide the driving experience?  Well yes and no.  The performance and handling of the car actually surpass that of the original.   With a lighter fiberglass body, chassis designed by an engineer from Penske Racing and a Ford Racing 302 engine, this car provides better performance and a more stable car to drive.  Carving canyon roads and beach highways, as the California was intended, will be pure joy in this car!  As for the no, it will never have the magic of being an original Ferrari 250 California.  It lacks the Ferrari V-12 and there will always be the fact that its not a true Ferrari in the back of your mind.  But, what I have to say to that is, get over it!

Sure, if you have a spare $20 million that you need to invest, then by all means (if you can) buy an original Ferrari 250 California.  And please, from time to time, drive it!  But if you want the looks to die for and performance that will bring a smile to your face, then this little red Ferrari can not be beat.  If I was in the market, it would be hard to say no to.

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